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Subject:A Decent Stalker Convo
Time:02:36 pm
Yeah, believe it or not I'm posting. What's more, I chatted with my Stalker on AIM and explained to him important things without biting his head off, which is much easier to do than being civil, let me tell you...

Tahnit=My Stalker, MySweetBanana=Me

Tahnit: about that email..if i sounded like i was too into ya business i am sorry..i was just staying my opinion and thoughts..take them for as they are. I just miss talking to you. Its not an obsessive thing its just that you are my friend and i miss talking and hanging out with my friend..is that so bad?
MySweetBanana: Stop being so damned dramatic. You're a fuckin' nut sometimes, dammit! I mean, we were never really friends because that just cannot BE with you; the sex thing will ALWAYS be out there.
Tahnit: no.its not
Tahnit: not anymore
MySweetBanana: No exceptions; that is why you will have such difficulty finding an "other half." You think of women as porn sluts or objects or "friends with benefits."
Tahnit: ive done some hard thinking over the past few months
Tahnit: no not anymore
MySweetBanana: You have a serious problem; a condition that will probably take more medicine to cure, PLUS therapy PLUS a change in lifestyle.
Tahnit: im seeing a shrink. so im getting som help
MySweetBanana: And every two or three months I speak to you you say you've been thinking and you're "not the person you used to be" as if it all happened 5 years ago when it didn't, Stalker. It didn't.
Tahnit: well we were dating before you went to college..it just didnt work out..before that..yah..you are right
MySweetBanana: I'm glad to hear that you're seeing a shrink, though.
Tahnit: i just..want to be friends..nothing more...
MySweetBanana: It doesn't matter, I don't. I am not comfortable with that and it is NOT going to happen. That is all you need to know.
Tahnit: so we cant be friends
Tahnit: what?
Tahnit: i thought we were
MySweetBanana: I told you before that I might only be able to IM you every while, well I don't even have time to talk to my sister, so stop freaking out when you don't see me.
MySweetBanana: No, we never really were. Not quite. You and I have different interests and nothing to talk about.
Tahnit: dont say its not going to happen. ive changed.
Tahnit: and yes..we were
MySweetBanana: Pretty much nothing in common and I never have a good time hanging out with you because if I'm not bored to death watching you play your games then I'm having to fight to keep your hands off my breasts. Not very fun.
Tahnit: umm
Tahnit: what about when we were playing games at yoru house...or hanging out at waffle house
Tahnit: i didnt do either
MySweetBanana: I'm sure YOU'D like it if some girl couldn't keep her hands off your wang but it's not the same in girl world. We have this thing called self-respect.
Tahnit: your saying it as if it happend every time..and it didnt...it maybe happend when we were dating.
Tahnit: I KNOW
Tahnit: you keep saying this as if i dont know it..i do know it
Tahnit: im not as bad as you are making me out to be
MySweetBanana: Well, at the waffle house was barely tolerable except that you probably don't remember what 90% of the conversation turned to because you couldn't keep your eyes up here! **points to eyes** whether I was wearing a boob shirt or NOT.
MySweetBanana: Then maybe, Stalker, just maybe you don't know how really bad you are.
Tahnit: i am not bad
Tahnit: not anymore
MySweetBanana: You say that all the time. I understand that your mindframe may have changed. That is good. You're turning the way you need to go. But you cannot yet say that you aren't bad anymore because that is something that must be proved over the test of time.
Tahnit: well then let me prove it
Tahnit: im not obsessed over you..i am happy for you. i am not jealous anymore..ive moved on
MySweetBanana: I'm not saying you're obsessed with me, Stalker.
Tahnit: just..give me a chance to be friends with you
Tahnit: cause you were a big part of my life that i dont want to loose completly
MySweetBanana: It's easy for guys to think of me in a sexual manner; I like that. It shows I'm not ugly anymore. But you're problem is the sexual manner with which you conduct yourself.
Tahnit: you were never ugly
MySweetBanana: I also believe you lack the normal conversation and social buffers a lot of people have.
Tahnit: im working on those
MySweetBanana: You know what I mean. I'm not the subject here.
MySweetBanana: Good. Well, I'm glad we talked a bit without fighting about this, but I have to go have a smoke and then HW for archaeology.
Tahnit: ive been with a couple of women these past months. not been with but dated..and i did just fine.. the last one though turned out to be a bitch lol
Tahnit: i didnt look at her boobs all the time..we had great conversations. we went out to movies and dinner when i could afford it... it was a normal date..she enjoyed herself and so did i.
Tahnit: well..when you get back..i just want a chance.
MySweetBanana: Good, good. All good things to hear.
MySweetBanana: I'll bbl.
MySweetBanana: ~Ciao
Tahnit: k

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Subject:"Love is not enough"
Time:12:07 pm
This is a reply I made to a post someone made in one of my friend's journals recently. As it's the first post I've made in a while, and I believe it came out most articulate, I felt the need to repost it here.

Again, this is a REPLY to someone else's post. I'm not having any love troubles right now.

-->"You cannot possibly believe that, because of the end of one relationship, love does not exist. After several "failed encounters" I'm sure you're feelings could be that much more true to you. But one? Even a great one?

Whenever you have loved someone, however briefly, that should tell you that it does exist. Otherwise, would you say that the love you have felt for anyone was false the whole time?

We're too young to give up believing in love. And, truth be told, no matter how old you get, you never can give up believing. It's in our blood. People need people, and without love how can that need be satisfied?

Every chance you're given, every one you take, no matter how heartbreaking it takes you one step further. It takes you that much closer to the love you are truly searching for.

I'll never believe you for a second. Not once will I believe that you'd give up on love. You love hard and so you hurt hard. You are so vibrant and full of life it would be hard for you to avoid all those who'll come along. You'll have to beat 'em off with a stick!

Get some sleep and think this over. Remember that sometimes it's very important that love is not enough."<--
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Subject:Thought So
Time:02:02 pm

You Have A Type A Personality


You are hyper, energetic, and always on the mood
You tend to succeed at everything you attempt
And if you don't succeed at first, you quickly climb your way to the top!

You could be called a workaholic, but you also make time for fun
As long as it's high energy and competitive, you're interested
You have the perfect personality for business and atheltic success

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Subject:So da Engrish
Time:01:58 am
= FLYFF English (insert addy to English FLYFF site here)

+ http://winterson.com/2005/06/episode-iii-backstroke-of-west.html

and many more to come, I assure you.

Dude, I so love Engrish...YOU HAVE TO ALSO BECAUSE I SAID SO!!!

..."I should really feeds you all dog!!!"

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Subject:What Funny Picture Are You?
Time:11:57 am

Pay attention, now!

f&apos;ing chinese
Weirdo chinese.... yay

What Funny Picture are YOU? (really hilarious pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

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Subject:My Japanse Name
Time:07:23 pm
"Kaori" is a good name. Though I much prefer my made up "Shichiko" or "Setsuko." Heh, my last name's "Hojo." **snicker. think FF7. snicker**

Your Japanese Name Is...

Kaori Hojo

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Subject:Rejected Crayon
Time:05:13 pm
Okay, maybe I'll just post whenever I get to it. I'm too hungry right now.

But in the mean time...

You are

That's...just too funny. (I reloaded the page several times to see diff colors and I think my fav thus far is "tin man's johnson silver." Heh.
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Time:01:54 pm
I'm currently going through my LJ and putting stuff on different levels of privacy. So if you read something, don't forget to check the date. And if you are or aren't on my friends list(and if your status ever changes), you can take it how you want. I have my reasons in my head and that's pretty much all I have for now.
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Subject:Vacation Timey!
Time:02:35 pm
Well, my friends and I planned a cross country trip a while back and the time's finally come, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

So I'll be like non-existent (as if that's a difference!) online for like 3 weeks and junk.

Take care, people!

~Update: I don't know if I'll ever get to writing about this vacation. Eh, oh well.
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Subject:Beyond Good And Me
Time:06:53 am

Everyone, I didn't want it to end this way, but I just don't feel like I can take it anymore. I've written out my will, which is in the notebook on the floor of my room. I didn't make nearly as much money as I had wanted to leave a lot of you (because I didn't reach the fame I wanted in this, my short life) but I've got other stuff to divvy among you vultures.

Maybe if I'd been just a little bit richer, I could have seen hope and made it. Or maybe if my mom had just been a little bit nicer, or Dan a little bit less selfish.

Peh, who should I be to talk of selfish? I consider this...this cowardly death selfish and cruel to my friends and family. But it can't be helped; the world is too evil and I too powerless to help it. Too...unmotivated anymore as well.

If I just could have made it to Japan, maybe it would have been allright. Over there I could be myself, could shout out and dress up. Instead I had to be stuck in Hickville USA. Can you believe it...out of all the places to land in. Why couldn't we have been stuck in Vegas still? WHY?!!!

But, if I hadn't been here, I wouldn't have met the friends I have now; true, philosophically and physically (as in physics) speaking, I wouldn't have missed them, but I am here now and you need to know I love you. I cannot apologize enough for the pain this will cause you. You need to know that, if there's any way, I will miss you too.

And you also need to know that...I'm...I'm joking.

April Fools. >^6____-^

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